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The Echo Of Your Name

From the upcoming album of music for string orchestra

Record Production

Your record needs a producer. One who really knows record production.  I have a history of very successful record production. From all of my 25+ albums, ranging from acoustic group albums, to electronic to ambient to songs to classical and beyond. To producing many of Donny McCaslin's records, including the seminal Casting for Gravity and Fast Future and creating the band that became David Bowie's Blackstar group (after he heard my composition Praia Grande from Casting for Gravity and loved the song and group).  And many more records, too numerous to list here. 

With every production I take takes someone's sound and expands it into something unique and expressive. This opens up possibilities that weren't there otherwise. I can bring out things that you didn't know were even possible in the music.       

So think seriously about having me produce your next album or single. 

I don't take everything, so if you'd like to submit your music for consideration, email me here on this site with a link.

Your musical future thanks you. DB



I have been teaching for many years. Besides teaching privately in person and via Zoom,Skype etc.. I teach at schools around the world. A few notable ones are USC, Cal Arts, NYU, on staff at the New School NYC, Manhattan School of Music, the Paris Conservatoire, Rotterdam Conservatory, Amsterdam Conservatory, Groningen Conservatory, Siena Jazz, U of Western Michigan, U of Toronto, Humber, U of Montreal, U of Miami, North Texas, and many others. 

I love teaching. I love passing the knowledge that I have picked up along the way to the younger generations. 

Studying music has been a huge part of my life. I started when I was 12 and have never stopped. I took lessons consistently (weekly) from age 12-18 sometimes with more than one teacher so that I was taking 2 lessons a week with different teachers. And then after that period, I studied when I felt like I needed some new information, which was often. 

When I moved to New York City from Ventura CA at the age of 19, I immediately went to study with Phil Woods, Dave Liebman, George Coleman, Bob Berg, Bob Mintzer, and I practiced very consistently. 

Now, my students consist not only of saxophone players but also many other instruments. There's a lot to be learned that isn't instrument specific. 

Many people come to me to study composition, as that has been a huge part of my career. Composition can be taught on it's own and in conjunction with improvisation. 

I have had students come to me for Production lessons also as I have produced every one of my records and records by many other people most notably, Donny McCaslin. 

There are students that come to just talk. There's so much to learn about music and life in general. From my experiences through my journey with music, I've learned a hell of a lot about people...and          There's a lot to pass on. 

So I can help you. If you are a musician, a fan, or just someone that wants to learn and talk about life. Life is a long hard journey. It feels good to have an outlet and to tie that to art. I do that. Don't be afraid to take up lessons and/or worry about what the process consists of. I tailor to what you want and need. 

Studying music and studying life intersect. There are times when both need to be talked about to make either one work well for someone. This can be an avenue to take, if desired. 

I have students from all corners of the globe. So with the tools we have now, nowhere is too far. I will put a teaching calendar up on this site soon too so that it will be easy to see the schedule and available times. 

Email me for lessons using the button just below.

Tomorrow's Journey out now!!

Double LP,CD and Streaming out now!!

Tomorrow's Journey was recorded almost 3 years ago now as its release was delayed by pandemic delays. Highly anticipated and finally here. It is the sound of the new Los Angeles. An energy that used to be missing here. But no longer.... LA has matured into a fantastic place for creative music.

Tomorrow's Journey features all new compositions. The most complex and developed composing I've ever done for small group. The music is also written for a quintet that has two double basses. A first on my recordings and an unusual set up in general.

All the players are amazing young musicians from California (Paul Cornish is from Houston originally) that are living in Los Angeles. And are all doing amazing things on their own. 

One of the great things about this album is that we all played the music a lot before we recorded it, as we were playing it on gigs for a couple of years beforehand. And with the complexity of the music, to get it to the level we did given that complexity, is amazing. So I am extremely excited to finally have it come to light.

The artwork was done by my wife Nevena Prijic. It is actually an unfinished painting (at the time) that I liked in that state. So the packaging is great. And it's a double album!! So there is a lot of music here. 

Get it now on the GhostNote Records Bandcamp site. Link here.



David Binney 5/16/22


A Glimpse of the Eternal

Available everywhere.. but here.

David Binney-Alto Saxophone

Craig Taborn-Piano

Eivind Opsvik-Bass

Dan Weiss-Drums

1. Our Place (David Binney)

2. In A Way (Michael Cain)

3. Ambivalence (Vince Mendoza)

4. Vibe Changer (David Binney)

5. Craig (Craig Taborn)

6. Blue Sky (Jan Garbarek)

7. Nightfall (Ralph Towner)

8. Dave (David Binney)

9. Group (Binney,Taborn,Opsvik,Weiss)

10. A Glimpse of the Eternal (David Binney)

11. The Cat and the Moon (Vince Mendoza)

12. Craig 2 (Craig Taborn)

13. I Had the Craziest Dream (Harry Warren/Mack Gordon)

Total Time: 56:54
Recorded June 29, 2021 in Astoria, NY, USA by Mike Marciano

Aerial 2

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