One Morning in Brooklyn

David Binney

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One Morning in Brooklyn

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I released this years ago on an old site but very few people checked it out for some reason. So I took it down and just remembered that I had it and figured that I'd put it up again. I love it. When we recorded my Balance record back in 2001 or 2002, we set up in the studio, and then Mike Marciano, the engineer at the now-defunct Systems Two in Brooklyn, asked us to play a little so that he could get sounds. Well, we ended up improvising and we got way into it. Unbeknownst to us, Mike was recording the whole time, as a good engineer will do. At one point we stopped and he said he still needed more time, so we started again and played until he said he was ready. When I got home I listened to the improvising warm-up, because Mike told me it sounded good. and that I should listen to it, I thought that it was amazing after just one listen. But I only had a stereo two-track recording of it because Mike wasn't running the full "tape" yet, just a reference. I decided to do something with it and I worked very hard on it for at least a week, in its unmixable unchangeable form. I looped sections, added synths, voice, etc but kept everything in its chronological order. In other words, what you hear is us playing as we did for the soundcheck in exact chronological time. But then I made it a bit longer by making loops and added synths, voice etc and when it comes out of those loops, it just continues where it did naturally. So nothing is changed about the flow other than when I loop a section here and there. It's a wild ride from extremely beautiful to wildly intense. The result is two very compelling tracks that make up one very beautiful album. It's a real journey.

I highly recommend that you get some headphones, lay down, and let the whole thing unfold. It's a dream.

David Binney-Alto Saxophone, Sampler, post-production synths, vocals. Donny McCaslin-Tenor Saxophone, Uri Caine-Piano, Synth, Wayne Krantz-Guitar, Adam Rogers-Guitar, Tim Lefebvre-Bass, Fima Ephron-Bass, Jim Black-Drums

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