Lyrics to Seen

Music by David Binney
Lyrics by Jen Shyu

Verse 1:

I see you from miles above

You haven’t really changed

But you have loved again

And mem’ries of our time have faded

And the absence of the body has replaced the spirit

Verse 2:

I’ve seen you alone in your bed

You might have felt me near

I move without a sound

But since the day I died, you’ve listened

For the presence of my body and the spirit within

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  1. Hello David ,
    by pure luck I stood still with or should say by the cd oceanos on the Qobus streaming platform. I clicked further and found this pearl “Seen”. It realy toutched me.
    The Oceanos compositions are also wonderfull.
    Great music ! Thanks.
    If you ever drop in the region of Bruges Belgium I would very much like to organize a concert in my home town.
    I know this is not the proper way to ask for a contact but as I m not a professional I think you ll understand my impulsive question.

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